Waterloo Walks: Hughes Art Walk

The one thing you can do, even during shutdowns, is get outside. If you are near Uptown Waterloo, now or at any point during the year, and love art, or want to foster a better appreciation of it in your kids, a stroll down the Hughes Lane Art Walk is a must.

The Hughes Lane Art Walk is comparable to the 'Canvas Corridor' in Vancouver, where the back doors of local businesses have been transformed with colorful, original murals painted by talented local artists within the alleyway. Building on Waterloo's current mural project on the side of the Uptown Waterloo Parkade, the Hughes Lane Art Walk offers a secure and inclusive place for visitors to access public art.

And what fantastic art it is. Not sure where to head? Hughes Lane runs parallel to King St. South in Uptown between William Street and Willis Way and picks up again on the other side of the Uptown Parkade and runs to Erb Street. Participating Uptown businesses include: Marbles (door artist Lucy Bilson), Hustl+Flow (door artist Jackie Levitt), Zero Waste Bulk (door artist Nikolina Kupcevic), 21 Fir (door artist Luke Swinson), McCabes (door artist Kat Hernden), King Street Trio (door artist Andi), Bud & Sally Cannabis Co. (door artist Tara Cooper) and Patent Social (door artist Jason Panda).