Moving to KW Area Spotlight - The City of Guelph

The City of Guelph is an increasingly important part of the Waterloo region, and is, in fact, one of Canada's fastest growing cities, boasting low unemployment, a low crime rate, and a high standard of living. Located just 45 minutes outside Toronto, Guelph offers its residents and new home buyers the perfect combination of big city life and conveniences and small town charm and friendliness. But what is it really like to live there? Let's take a look.

Guelph History

The City of Guelph was officially founded on St. George’s Day, April 23rd, 1827 with the ceremonial felling of a large maple tree. It was one of Canada's first 'planned towns', having been created by the Canada Company and designed by Scottish author and newly appointed Supervisor of the Company, John Galt. He envisioned a new kind of town, one that could be as friendly to families as it could to businesses, all based around the beauty of the Speed River.

It was Galt who chose the name for the new town. His superiors at the Canada Company had suggested Goderich, but he chose Guelph, as it was a name belonging to the British Royal Family - whose current monarch was George IV - that had never been used for a town in their honour before.

Since its founding Guelph has become a modern, vibrant place that intermingles the old with the new seamlessly. The history is still there, the unique street layouts created by Galt are still there but so are all of the modern conveniences homebuyers are seeking in the 21st Century.

Guelph Today - A Booming Economy

It is its very diverse economy that has helped Guelph achieve its current level of economic success. Manufacturing, education, technology and bio-technology are all major players in the city's current economy.

There is even a growing television and movie making presence, with numerous TV and film productions using Guelph as a base, including James Franco's 11.22.63, CBCs Murdoch Mysteries and the current Starz smash hit American Gods.

Guelph Today - An Education Centre

Educational opportunities in Guelph are plentiful. Conestoga College and The University of Guelph offer excellent post secondary education and a highly rated network of both public and private schools offer a diverse set of offerings for students of all ages from toddlers to teens.

Guelph Today - Arts, Entertainment and Recreation for All

The residents of Guelph tend to work hard, but they play hard too. From the scenic beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities offered by the city's many green spaces, including the Riverside Park and the Royal City Natural Area, to the many restaurants, cafés and bars to concerts, plays and more offered at the city's numerous entertainment venues, including the 4,715 seat multi-purpose Sleeman Centre, there is something for everyone.

And the fact that all that the great city of Toronto has to offer is just a 45-minute drive away expands the cultural and recreational opportunities for Guelph residents even further!