KW Quick Eats - Fo' Cheezy Gourmet Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese. A simple, comfort food treat that most of us love. Easy to make, easy to eat, kind of bland. Unless it's a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich of the variety served up by Fo' Cheezy Gourmet Grilled Cheese. Then it's something pretty special and certainly something to get excited about.

A food truck of great renown, Fo' Cheezy Gourmet Grilled Cheese is still rolling (safely) during COVID-19 - you can check out their location schedule here - and there really is something for everyone. Even for those who avoid standard cheese in their diets (vegans rejoice)

It's hard to make a sandwich recommendation as, in our opinion, they are all so good. We love the Fo'Shroom Melt , which is crammed with a ton of different mushrooms, cheese (obviously) more cheese, onions and tomatoes.

Then again, we also love the Fo' Butter Chicken because butter chicken and cheese in a sandwich, what's not to love? Or the bacon loaded Fo' ABC.

In a nutshell there's not a bad sandwich on the menu and the Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup is pretty delicious too.

In addition to serving from the truck Fo' Cheezy Gourmet Grilled Cheese will also cater your event, which we think sounds like an amazing idea.