Get Out and Skate! All About Kitchener-Waterloo's Outdoor Ice Rinks

Ice skating is one of those winter pastimes that almost anyone can enjoy. And in a time of continued restrictions on indoor gatherings in the face of COVID-19 the Kitchener Waterloo area's many outdoor ice rinks are venues that skaters of all levels will be looking to provide them with some much-needed exercise and fun from December to March.

At the time of writing, not all the local KW ice rinks are ready to go (those that are open are noted in the list below) Many more hope to be soon, although volunteers are being sought to help get the ready to do just that.

Not sure where to head? Here's a handy list:

  • Admiral Park, 93 Roxborough Ave.

  • Belmont Park, 285 Belmont Ave. W.

  • Bridgeport Community Cenre, 20 Tyson Dr. (OPEN)

  • Carl Zehr Square, 200 King St. W. (OPEN)

  • Centreville Chicopee Community Centre, 141 Morgan Ave. (OPEN)

  • Chandler Mowat Community Centre, 222 Chandler Dr.

  • Cherry Park, Strange Street and and Waverly Road (OPEN)

  • Country Clair Park, Country Clair at Pebble Creek (OPEN)

  • Country Hills Community Centre, 100 Rittenhouse Rd.

  • Country Hills Public School, 195 Country Hill Dr.

  • Crosby Park (formerly Stanley Park Public School), 191 Hickson Dr. (OPEN)

  • Forest Heights Community Centre, 1700 Queens Blvd. (OPEN)

  • George Lippert Park, Weber and Louisa streets

  • Glendale Park, Rex Drive and Glen Road

  • Guelph Park, Guelph Street and Clifton Road

  • King Edward Public School, 709 King St. W. (on Walter Street, near Agnes Street)

  • Lakeside Park, Lakeside Drive and Gatewood Road

  • Ludolph Park, Ludolph St and Seabrook Drive

  • Max Becker Commons, Max Becker Drive and Commonwealth Road (OPEN)

  • Meadowlane Public School, 236 Forestwood Dr.

  • Mill-Courtland Community Centre, 216 Mill St. (OPEN)

  • Morrison Park, Morrison Road (OPEN)

  • Pioneer Park Public School, 55 Upper Canada Dr.

  • Pioneer Park West, 40 Green Valley Dr.

  • Prueter Public School, 40 Prueter Ave.

  • River Ridge Community Rink (at Kiwanis Park), 600 Kiwanis Dr.

  • Salvation Army Church, 75 Tillsley Dr.

  • Southridge Public School, 1425 Queen's Blvd.

  • Stanley Park Community Centre, 505 Franklin St. N.

  • Timberlane Park, Timberlane Crescent

  • Vanier Park, 319 Vanier Dr.

  • Victoria Hills Community Centre/ Gzowski Park,10 Chopin Dr.

  • Victoria Park (2), Jubilee Drive and David Street

  • Westmount Public School, 329 Glasgow St. (OPEN)

To keep an eye on when other outdoor ice rinks open up in the Kitchener Waterloo Region, you can head here.

Top Ten Tips for Safe Outdoor Ice Skating in KW

Ice skating is tons of fun and it's fabulous winter exercise. But there are some basic safety tips you should keep in mind at all times to ensure that it stays that way!

  1. Make sure your ice skates fit comfortably and provide strong ankle support. Badly fitting skates can cause blisters. Lack of ankle support makes ankles wobbly and can lead to injuries.

  2. Inexperienced skaters should learn some ice-skating basics, which include learning how to stop and fall safely, as well as basic safety rules.

  3. Always look where you are going, even when skating backward.

  4. Always obey rink rules, such as skating in the same direction as other skaters.

  5. Always be alert and aware of surroundings.

  6. Never wear earphones or talk on a cell phone while ice-skating.

  7. When possible and if circumstances warrant, wear a helmet. This is especially important for young children or beginner skaters.

  8. Consider wearing other safety equipment such as knee pads and wrist guards. Again, this is especially important for young children and inexperienced skaters.

  9. Dress appropriately to avoid cold-related injury.

  10. Make sure you rest when you get tired or cold. More skating accidents happen when you're tired.