Get Out and Ride! Tackling the Waterloo Region Hydrocut Bike Trail

As the weather (hopefully) improves, and COVID restrictions loosen a little but still advise minimal public interactions, getting outside more is an option many Waterloo Region residents are likely to be considering. Rightfully so.

There are tons of great walking, hiking and running trails in our Region, but if you are a cyclist/mountain biker new to Waterloo then you will be excited to learn that the area is home to some of the best biking trails in Ontario, a part of a trail system known as the Hydrocut.

The Hydrocut trail system is consistently ranked as one of the top mountain bike destinations in Ontario and is recognized across Canada for its 35km of continuous singletrack that hosts over 40,000 visitors per year. The Hydrocut name comes from the fact that the main trails were developed under a series of hydro power line towers that today connect the two main sections of the trails system: The Landfill or Glasgow side, and the Pines or Snyder’s Road side.

The biking trails are open and free for the public to make use of. The biking trails, which vary in terrain and difficulty so that there is something for everyone, feature boardwalks and bridges, switchbacks and “armoured” walls, with fast lines and other technical features to challenge the most skilled of riders.

If you are wondering just where to find these world-class biking trails in the Waterloo Region the map below should help you find your way. There are several good starting points if you want to tackle the whole thing, although most choose to start their trip at The Glasgow Parking Lot, which is located at 1522 Glasgow St. Kitchener, ON.

Some also find that The Snyder's Road Parking Lot, which offers direct access to the Pines section of the trail - a great colder season ride - is a good starting point. However, there is a railroad crossing there, so extreme caution should be exercised when crossing the lot.

The total trail distance offers a long ride for those who want a day's cycling that can, at points, offer a real challenge. Alternately, if you are looking for a more leisurely time you can choose to take one or two of them at a time.

Take a look at some of the terrain you can expect to tackle, if you decide to head out and tackle the Hydrocut. No bike yet? No problem! There are some great bike rental businesses open and ready to get you out on the trail with ease.