Christmas in the Kitchener-Waterloo Area: Waterloo's Wonders of Winter

Still up for more Christmas lights and seasonal celebrations? Of course you are! If you haven't yet, tonight is a great night to head out to Waterloo Park to take in the beautiful illuminations offered by the Wonders of Winter.

COVID-19 has not halted this annual outdoor event, and although some things are a little different for 2020, this is still a lovely evening out for families, couples and individuals.

The Wonders of Winter were first staged in Waterloo Park in 1993, and the lights seem to get more impressive every year. Never seen them before? That is likely the case if you are just moving to KW, but they shouldn't be missed.

The seasonal illuminations are best viewed on foot from a safe social distance. There are no horse-drawn trolley rides, photos with Santa, or hot beverages this year but on our recent trip we still had a wonderful time. And please don't forget your mask (they help keep the cold at bay as well as stop the spread of COVID-19)

Vehicles are not permitted in the festival area of the park. But there are over 1,000 parking spaces within walking distance! There's no fee to enter the light display and a trip to the Wonders of Winter, already a family tradition for many Waterloo Region residents should become a part of new Region residents' Christmas season plans too, especially in this strange year when we all need all the festive KW fun we can get!

To learn more about the Wonders of Winter light displays and festivities in Waterloo Park visit their official website here. The lights run thru December 31st, so a trip is a great way to celebrate the impending arrival of 2021 and to burn off some of those Christmas calories too!