2020 Holiday Shopping in KW: Kitchener Christkindl Market Online

A few weeks ago we told you all about the 2020 plans for the iconic ChristKindl Market in Kitchener. It is now open for business, and all our favorite vendors are offering some wonderful goodies!

Head to the official virtual market site and you'll find them all, along with the virtual events and interactive advent calendar that have now been posted.

What can first timers expect to find? In the Christkindl Market you'll find delicious seasonal foods, amazing handcrafted decor and much more! Check out some of it below, as shared on vendor Instagram accounts.

In addition to the vendors each day a new performance by local artists will be posted via the Advent Calendar along with some fun festival history and Christmas stories. Here's a great one from today:

Don't worry if you miss a day, as all the events will be available for viewing all month long!